Lizzy the landrover

The Silk and Bones Tour ( 25 /10/2015 - present )
The rebuilding of the Lizzybus
Gulp , it was bigger than we thought
North America , the Final Frontier !(15th January 2014- 2nd November2014 )
The Final Continent ( 15th Aug 2013 - 15th January 2014) )
South America Adventure (Jan 2013 till 15 Aug 2013 )
The odyssey continues( Feb 2010-Jan 2013)
The first chapter(Aug09-Dec09)
The Good , the Bad And the Ugly

Land rover 110 station wagon


LIZZYBUS aka LIZZY  the landrover

Our chosen form of transport to carry us around the world...the iconic Landrover Defender 110 300 TDi.
Having read up on the alternatives , Toyota Landcruisers etc , it had to be the Landrover.Built 8 miles from where we live , 1996 Station wagon.She was initialy
called Elizabeth because the roofrack made her look as if she was wearing a crown,plus Jaynes identical sister lives in Elizabeth Rd....soon to be son in law James kept calling her "Lizzybus" because she could seat 12...the name stuck

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